Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Report on 8 November 2014 QSG of NSW talk by Brenda Gail Smith

The final Quilt Study Group of NSW talk for 2014 took place on the 8th of November when Brenda Gael Smith gave a very interesting and informative talk about “Technology & Your Creative Practice”. 

Brenda covered all manner of things technical that can help you organize yourself and your quilting. 
She stressed that she was only going to cover easily accessible and everyday devices, tools, tutorials and applications, and she spoke to the many shared resources that are available on the internet. 

Brenda explained how she uses her digital camera in planning and recording her works; how she uses photo editing software for preparing images when entering quilt shows; and then covered the use of other software for exhibition planning. Finally she spoke about the commonly available Smartphone and iPad apps she uses and explained how you can set up your online presence via blogs or websites. The last area she covered was one many quilters and artists appreciate greatly – those bugbears of time management and keeping fit!

If you missed the talk and would like more information or would like to hear Brenda speak, check on her blog to see when she will be repeating it -

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