Saturday, May 26, 2012

Historic NSW Hexagon Quilt Top Unearthed

The Quilt Study Group of NSW has a fascinating request: to identify the maker of a lovely half-inch hexagon quilt top. The owner is a 90 year old. She did not make it but she believes it was made by a member of her family, which has links to the families of NSW Governor Philip Gidney King and the retailer David Jones.

The hexies are backed with papers which could help with this identification.

The owner would like it to go to an institution where it can be seen and admired, possibly the Powerhouse Museum. If we can identify the maker this would be a great bonus. The QSG of NSW is keen to take on this project and we will start with a debate on the thorny question: what should be done with an item such as this? Watch this space for developments.

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