Friday, July 30, 2010

Creating with Textiles using Modern Technology with Irene Manion

Bring Show and Tell of any textiles in your collection that use modern technology.
Free to all Quilters' Guild of NSW Inc. members. Afternoon Tea provided.
Note: You do not need to pay an entry fee to the Powerhouse Musuem if you say you are going to the Quilt Study Group meeting.

Irene Manion is an exceptional textile artist who enjoys using modern technology in her work. In the 70s her work consisted of wall hangings depicting the landscape of the Blue Mountains using batik and developed complex multilayered dying and waxing techniques. In the last decade she has moved into working with modern technology. She creates dye sublimation prints of images developed from her own digital photos and drawings which are modified in programmes such as Photoshop and Illustrator. They are then commercially printed onto fabric. The next stage involves either computerised machine embroidery or free machine embroidery onto the digitally printed surface. Some quilting or 3-D development of the image is then used to give texture and depth to the final piece.

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