Monday, May 11, 2009

Letter From Karen Fail

Quilt Study Group of Australia
PO Box 398, Neutral Bay, NSW 2089

Dear Members,
It is exciting times for the quilt study groups of Australia.

The Quilt Study Group of Australia (QSGA) was formed by Margaret Rolfe with a small group of enthusiasts in Canberra, ACT. The group exists to promote interest and research into quilting in Australia. Members are committed to the study of quilts both past and present, this study encompassing both the social and historical context in which quilts are made. The group encourages the preservation of significant historical quilts and while not itself having the resources to preserve quilts, will aim to facilitate preservation through appropriate organisations and institutions.

At the recent Australian Council of Quilters meeting, all Presidents of the state guilds agreed in principal to embrace the idea of forming a quilt study group in their state. Currently, ACT, WA, Qld and NSW have active study groups.

Following the British model to some extent, it is proposed that each state guild to form a focus group or sub-committee to maintain the current quilt study group or to form a new quilt study group in their state. Members of each guild would then be able to join in all activities of the quilt study groups and current quilt study group members are encouraged to join their local guild. Most members of the existing quilt study groups are already members of their state guilds and hence would only have to pay one lot of membership fees under the new structure.

To this end, The Sydney Quilt Study Group is being unincorporated as it is brought under the umbrella of the Quilters’ Guild of NSW Inc and the group will be now known as the Quilt Study Group of NSW. It is hoped that each state will name their study group similarly. For NSW members, the Quilters Guild of NSW usually renew membership in on June 1 but have agreed to have memberships paid for at the Quilt Show in Darling Harbour. Contact the guild office on (02)92873737. Other states, please contact your state guild for further information on membership if required.

The aims and objectives of the Quilt Study Group of NSW will not change. It will still continue to be committed to the study of quilts both past and present as stated in the original aims established by Margaret Rolfe and restated at the beginning of this letter.

Currently, as members of the Quilt Study Group of Australia, you receive a newsletter, which provides you with information regarding events and news. From now on matters relating to the Quilt Study Group of NSW will be published in The Template and all other state quilt study groups will be able to publish information in their state guild’s newsletter. Everyone will have access to information on the web via the Quilt Study Groups of Australia blog at Here you will find information on what’s on, what’s been on, reports on research, interesting quilt finds and other matters of interest to quilt study group members. We are hoping this is a vibrant blog with lots of information for and from the Australian quilt study groups.

It is intended that the biennial seminar which has proved so popular each year since its inception in Canberra will continue with the responsibility for the seminar moving from state to state. In 2008, The Southern Queensland Quilt Study Group hosted a very successful seminar with well over 100 participants from just about every state in Australia. It is hoped that there will be another seminar in 2010/2011. You will be able to find all information, registration forms etc regarding the next seminar on the blog.

Currently, ACT, NSW and Qld have embraced this new structure, while WA, SA, Vic and Tas have agreed in principle and are investigating their options. NT is making enquiries regarding the availability of quilts to study in their state before committing to forming a quilt study group. It is suggested that a committee of 4-5 people can happily organise the activities of a quilt study group and I am delighted to report that the current committee of the Sydney Quilt Study Group are continuing as the committee for the Quilt Study Group of NSW. Karen Fail – Convenor, Liz Bonner – Minute Secretary, Janet Marwood – Treasurer, Sandra Lyons – Reporter and Dr. Annette Gero remains the Patron of the Quilt Study Groups of Australia.

This will be the last formal letter you will receive from the Quilt Study Group of Australia or the Sydney Quilt Study Group. From now on you can find information about your quilt study group’s activities in your guild’s newsletter or on the blog. Put the address in your favourites list.

Warm regards and best wishes,
Karen Fail and the committee of the new Quilt Study Group of NSW.

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